Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth that I cannot seem to fully satisfy.   Finally, people around me are becoming aware of this.  Maybe it’s my cupcake decor in my office, my daily Starbucks, or my addiction to Ben and Jerry’s.  Not sure what gave it away however I am thankful that people are catching on.

I had a parent bring me some chocolates….I ate the whole thing this afternoon.

I really enjoy fro-yo !


  1. I'm still figuring out how to reply to comments on my blog but just so you know I am loving all of them! I'm so glad you are still reading ;) Fro-yo happens to be pretty much my favorite food! Just seeing this picture makes me want to get some for a little afternoon snack when I get off of work :)

  2. I just love your blog, you have such fabulous taste with all things beauty and fashion! Fro-yo might be one of the greatest things to happen to our lives. It is the perfect snack anytime.