Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies

Sunday afternoon my house turned into a Christmas goodie manufacturing facility.  Kind of like how I would picture Mrs. Clause’s kitchen would look leading up to Christmas morning.  Someone has to bake cookies for all the elves.  Think about it, that’s a ton of tiny mouths to feed!  Anywho, I love being in the kitchen baking goodies for my friends this time of year.  To me, it is a simple way to show someone that I care about them.

One of the cutest treats I made over the weekend: Mickey Mouse gingerbread cookies.  Everyone’s favorite mouse with a Christmas twist!  Almost too cute for words, almost.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Loyal and True

My little—Kayla just graduated in 3 ½ years from Oklahoma State University.  She is planning on attending Tulsa University College of Law starting this January!   It’s hard to believe that she is all grown up and the next chapter of her life is starting.  I have no doubt that she will continue to dominate school and everything else life decides to toss her way.  Congratulations Kayla on checking a major accomplishment off of your to-do list.  Up next, law school graduation and passing the bar exam!

Back to the subject of college graduation, it’s hard to believe that I have been out of college for two years!  Seriously, time flies by!  Speaking of time flying by—yesterday marked five months until the big day!  My wedding planning hat is on and ready to party!  We are in the midst of ordering Save the Date’s.  They will be coming to a mailbox near you very soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns and Syrup

If you are reading this and on my Christmas list—please note that I have not been Christmas shopping.  I repeat, I have not been Christmas shopping!  With that said, if you would like to give me a heads up as to what you would like underneath the Christmas tree, now would be the perfect time to give me a hint.  Just in case you are looking for me….lucky you!  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to My Christmas Wish list—shopping made easy if you ask me.

Tiny human rage at it’s finest 
Tiny human rage at its finest

I love Christmas! You love Christmas! We all love Christmas! The truth, I am a child at heart 24/7/365! However, Christmas morning, it’s on! Tiny human Lindsey is in full effect and the only way to describe it is “Christmas rage”! So bring out the sugar filled treats, cookies, and sugarplums because it is that wonderful time of year! Christmas is a week away; you read that right Christmas is NEXT WEEK!