Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Loyal and True

My little—Kayla just graduated in 3 ½ years from Oklahoma State University.  She is planning on attending Tulsa University College of Law starting this January!   It’s hard to believe that she is all grown up and the next chapter of her life is starting.  I have no doubt that she will continue to dominate school and everything else life decides to toss her way.  Congratulations Kayla on checking a major accomplishment off of your to-do list.  Up next, law school graduation and passing the bar exam!

Back to the subject of college graduation, it’s hard to believe that I have been out of college for two years!  Seriously, time flies by!  Speaking of time flying by—yesterday marked five months until the big day!  My wedding planning hat is on and ready to party!  We are in the midst of ordering Save the Date’s.  They will be coming to a mailbox near you very soon!

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