Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summertime Sandal Must-Haves

Last Wednesday (before small group with my precious eight grade girls), I did something embarrassing. I am almost too ashamed to admit this. Okay, are you ready? Here it is---> I was in Target shopping for over two hours. Target is like a black hole in space; I lose all concept of time. Does anyone else get back to their car after shopping and think, how much time did I spend in there? I realize that I am the definition of basic right now, but sometimes a solo shopping trip at Targé does the soul good.

During my blissful shopping spree, I found these beautiful sandals pictured above. I am usually a 7.5, but I ended up getting an 8 to be on the safe side. Right now, I am really into all things brown and black. I love that you can mix these colors. One of my favorite things I learned working in retail is that black and brown don't make a frown! I think that you get so much more wear out of these colors and can carry over from year to year, depending on signs of wear. The best things about these babies? They are under $20, holler!

I have round up my summertime sandal must-haves at various price points, different styles and multiple colors (>$20, >$50, >$100, and >$150)! Now I just have to find my signature pedicure polish for summer 2016.

Target, DV Deidre Slide Sandals--$19.99
Steve Madden, Olivia--$49.85
Kate Spade, Idreena Sandals--$98.00
J. Crew, Birkenstock--$135.00

I want to hear from you! What sandals are on the top of your wishlist?