Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies

Sunday afternoon my house turned into a Christmas goodie manufacturing facility.  Kind of like how I would picture Mrs. Clause’s kitchen would look leading up to Christmas morning.  Someone has to bake cookies for all the elves.  Think about it, that’s a ton of tiny mouths to feed!  Anywho, I love being in the kitchen baking goodies for my friends this time of year.  To me, it is a simple way to show someone that I care about them.

One of the cutest treats I made over the weekend: Mickey Mouse gingerbread cookies.  Everyone’s favorite mouse with a Christmas twist!  Almost too cute for words, almost.


  1. So happy to see you back in blogging action Miss Lindsey :)

  2. Thanks Sami! Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary! You have turned the blog world upside down! So proud of you!