Thursday, January 5, 2012

My BFF'S Birchbox

Everyone has a friend who is extremely trendy and fabulous, right? To me, this is Kristin, my interior designer best friend. In December, I was thinking of all the possibilities for Christmas presents. After countless failed shopping attempts I finally came to the conclusion that a subscription to Birchbox would be the perfect thing for her! What more could a trendy 20 something want?!


She took a quiz about her beauty, this way they would know exactly what to send her from month to month. A personalized box with sample sized goodies will arrive at her doorstep . Last night the first one came in the mail. The best part? The nail polish name is Kristin. How perfect is that?


  1. this is amazing! i need to sign up for this!

  2. You should really look into it! It’s a little pricey, but I think its total worth it! Makes such a great gift for any occasion!

  3. [...] have been on the wait list for a subscription to BirchBox since December.  In an earlier post My Best Friend’s Birchbox, I talked about how I purchased a three-month subscription for a friend for Christmas and it was a [...]