Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Things: Kate Spade High Heels

There are two things that are certain: 1) Kate Spade is fabulous and 2) You can never have too many shoes.  I am slowly justifying my shoe obsession to the world.  Today I want to share with you some of the shoes that I think are absolutely wonderful.  Do with them what you must: stare, drool, or add them to your wish list via Pinterest.  Drum roll please....

1)Does it get any better than this?  The gold and black ribbon chain that straps at the ankle makes this show stand out and makes it land on top of my list!

2)I am running to my closet in search for the perfect sundress to pair with these shoes.  Oh how I wish warmer temperatures were near!  Love the colorful detail in the wedge, hello stripes of color!

3)Speaking of color, check this out!  It’s like a highlighter exploded on this high heel!  There is just something about bows that make my heart melt.

4)This reminds me of a stain glass window.  The different colors are incorporated together and outlined in black.  I think that is it very simple, elegant, and topped off with a bow!

5)Two words: GLITTERED BOW!

Which high heel is your favorite?  I hope that you enjoyed my five things: Kate Spade High Heels.


  1. I want those wedges!!! Such good picks!!

  2. I would take the glitter shoe anyday! beautiful collection!

    xo Nav

  3. Thanks! Uh yeah, they are basically adorable!

  4. Why thank you! I would love to add them to my closet as well! Maybe someday soon!

  5. Can I have all of them? A girl can really never have enough shoes, I dream of having Carrie Bradshaws closet to hold hundreds of pretty shoes :)

  6. I totally agree! That is one of my life goals as well! Oh to be as fabulous as Carrie... A girl can dream!

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