Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinterest Party

When you plan to have a watch part with four sorority sister who are each bringing something different to munch on during the football game; I can assure you one thing: Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest will be involved. We all ended up bringing something that we found on Pinterest to try.

We had a veggie tray with a green pepper hollowed out that held the ranch dressing for dipping that Nancy made. Kristin whipped up some delicious guacamole she found via Pioneer woman. I decided to bake Cowgirl Cookies. However, Hannah, on the other hand, stole the show with her festive "Princess Punch" adult beverage.

Here are the Cowgirl Cookies all mixed up

The game was all kinds of crazy and full of excitement. I am pretty sure all across the nation cowboy fans were going to work with heavy eyes and sore voices. The nation's brightest orange shined a little brighter today.



  1. I really want to have a Pinterest party!
    Good game last night.

  2. Oh you should totally have one. I am thinking next time we should all make crafts from Pinterest.

    The game was so exciting last night! It was unreal!