Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life Lesson Through Shoe Shopping

Extrinsic motivation is something I learned a lot about in my leadership classes while in college.  It is interesting to see why people do the things they do.  At one time, I was extremely motivated to achieve task simple because I felt accomplishment after it was all said and done.  Some people need a little more motivation.

I am kind of doing this when it comes to shopping.  I have been looking at these shoes for the longest time, I told myself I would purchase them only when they went on sale.  Living on a budget is not something that is fun, however, shopping is.  #sorryiamnotsorry


The good news, the shoes finally went on sale and they were delivered to my office this morning.   I cannot wait to wear them, now I just have to find the perfect outfit for them to make their debut to the world.


  1. I adore these shoes! I almost picked up a similar pair at Target the other day! You'll have to tell me what you decide to wear with them!

  2. I think they are a fun pair for everyone to have (I want to go look at Target now). I wore them with some navy blue skinny jeans, kind of the color blocked look. my favorite was Thursday, I wore them with a pleated khaki skirt that has a bow, grey tank, and a mustard yellow Jackie cardigan.

  3. Just read your "about me" section of your blog! I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma. She's going to college in Tulsa! Just wanted to say that you are super beautiful, and I love your style. Glad I found your blog!


  4. You are so sweet! Ohhh TU, it's a beautiful campus! I just graduated from Oklahoma State!

    I love your style as well, so glad I found your blog today!