Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something Blue By Emily Giffin

Today we kick off the new year! Cheers to 2012, may you bring new and exciting things our way. During the course of this year, I want to read more, to take time for myself.

However, I must say that the past two days have lacked excitement. I was in bed last night by eleven. I had dinner with a few good friends and that was that. I did not feel like getting too terribly wild last night. I know, my old lady tendencies are showing.


So here I am messy hair, wearing glasses, in an oversized cozy chair at Starbucks reading a good book. I can not put this book down. I went and purchased every book Emily Giffin has out.


  1. I assume you have Something Borrowed? I read it then saw the movie.. as always.. the book is SO much better!

  2. Yes I do! I loved the book and the movie wasn't that bad, just different.