Monday, January 7, 2013

Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza in OKC

There are a few things in life that I am obsessed with; two of them being cheese and pizza!  When you combine pizza and cheese, boom—mind blown!  Living in Shawnee our options for eating out are slim.  During the week, I pack my lunch and try to cook dinner at home (not to mention it saves
serious cash).  However, when the weekend rolls around—it’s time for dining out and good eats.

Saturday morning we spent time in Oklahoma City shopping.  By 1:00 it was lunch time so we decided to hit up one of our favorite pizza places in Oklahoma City, Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza.   We started off with fried mozzarella and then had the “Some Like It Hot” pizza.

When our waiter came back to check on us he asked how the fried mozzarella was.  Since it was all gone, one could guess that it was delicious.  I continued on to tell him “It’s the Michael Jordan of the fried cheese world.  All of the other fried cheese aspires to be as good as him.”  I am guessing he found my humor amusing because he busted up laughing.

Seriously, if you live around the OKC area and are looking for new places to try—take it from me and go there tonight.  You can have a bottle of wine and pizza for a steal!  Bottle + Pie = $25, tonight 7-Close.  Not to mention there are numerous TV’s that will have the big game playing, regardless of what team you are rooting for.


  1. Looks lik ea great place. Might have to hit it up when I am in town for OYE.

  2. You should! I think you would really like it.