Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wonderous Opportunity, Yes Please

There is nothing like staying inside on a dreary day with the food channel playing in the background.  I would really kill for a bread bowl of soup from Panera, which is all that is missing from my life currently.  With that said, I cannot believe that is it almost May!  Where does time go?  It is dead week and school so all of my friends are prepping for finals and graduation.  I look forward to celebrating their big day with them.

Nothing has really changed with me, still on the job search but also prepping to take the GRE.  By doing this, it has made time pass quickly.  Although, all of this studying has made me take into account that I hate math even more than I thought was possible.  However, I am going to make the best out of this situation.  So suck it math, I will show you who is the boss.

I wish everyone good luck in their final preparations.  I will encourage you to do the following: please take a shower, get some sleep, and grab some Starbucks (thank me later).  Just remember to take care of yourself.

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