Monday, April 11, 2011

Legacy Night

Bare with me because I am still playing catch up it seems.  Another exciting event that has taken place in the past couple of weeks was Legacy night.  If you don’t know, I have a little sister, Lauren who is a Jr. in High School.   Legacy night is for girls that are Jr. and Sr’s in high school and legacies to a sorority.  In Lauren’s case, it is Alpha Delta Pi.

From Left to Right: Kayla (My little), Lauren (My little sister), Me, Ciara (My Glittle), and Alex (One of my little freshman friends).

We both grabbed some Starbucks before we went on this venture; we figured we would both be more enjoyable if we had some caffeine in us.  Then it was off to the house and when we arrive we are the first one there and they greet us with a song (like any other sorority recruitment function, there is a song!).  It was nice to be there and introduce her to my personal friends, my pledge class, and the freshman.  I stayed there for a couple of hours to make her feel a little more at home and comfortable.  It was funny to see everyone’s reaction to Lauren.  For some, that was their first time meeting her and others they have seen her a few times over the years.  Almost everyone thought she was my carbon copy, yes we do look alike and we kind of talk the same.  Overall, I think the experience went well and I am happy she got the opportunity.

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