Friday, December 5, 2014

Barklynn the Bichon

Having a dog changes your heart. They come into your life and give you unconditional love. You can’t help but love them back like family. With that said, my fur baby Barklynn is the most adorable little ball of fluff. She came into our life right before Valentine’s Day. There is kind of a funny story to it.

My husband, Jered went to Texas for a three-day weekend bachelor party. We had been talking about getting a dog for a few months prior. I had been doing my research finding the perfect little puppy to add to our family. I found this tiny little girl named “Pearl” who was looking for a home. That was it I made my decision. The Davidson’s are getting a dog!

Friday night I went to PetCo and purchased all of the supplies it takes to be a puppy parent (all pink everything). I called my sister and persuaded her to go on a road trip to pick up said puppy. The moment I got to hold her for the first time melted my heart. My sister got to hold her all the way back to Edmond. I think she loved every second of it. It took her a little while to warm up to Jered, but now they are smitten. I think that situation was a two-way street.

The past few months have been a blast! She is a huge fan of road trips and dog parks. She also loves going to PetCo and searching for new treats. In our house, we live for the weekend. Each Saturday morning we like to go on a "puppy adventure" to Aspen Coffee or Starbucks. Just look at that little smile, she is one happy lady!

Last weekend we celebrated her first birthday in style. I found the cutest little pet boutique in Utica Square. The Dog Dish has your pet birthday supplies on lock. Yes, I am that girl, having a birthday for her dog. I found her a happy birthday treat and a pink birthday party hat.

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  1. She is a cutie. We have a pup too, Skye. The Boy rescued here when he lived in Stillwater. She is definitely part of the family.