Sunday, May 6, 2012

Twinning With My Sister

I am back up and blogging again!  Over the past month, I have poured all of my free time into my job.  There was not much time for “Lindsey” or personal time.  So much has been happening in my life.  I am very happy with how things are going.  Change is not easy, but in this case—it is fabulous!

Over the next week, I will catch you up to speed with what has been going on in my life.  First, we will go back all the way to Easter.   This is where the story begins, I finally got to go back home and spend some time there.  It was nice to see my family and not to mention enjoying the great food that went along with the holiday weekend.

My little sister and I had matching dresses that she picked out for us.  If you would look back fifteen years ago, matching dresses would not be unusual for us.  My mom and grandma made sure that we always had to match, or if not complementary colored dresses with all the fixing including hair bows, fluffy socks, and little handbag.

If you had the opportunity to grow up in the south and have siblings, you understand what I am talking about.  Mom’s and Grandma’s alike love having their little ones in matching outfits.  My brother, John Paul is 13 months younger than me.  For all intensive purposes we were twins; more times than not we wore matching outfits on most holidays and family picture occasions.

Who knows, maybe one day if I ever become a mommy blogger (this is the running joke @brookeclay) I will torture my tiny humans by making them wear matching outfits in public.  All the while taking pictures and documenting it all on the current/hip social media tool of that time. Let's be real, I will be a "cool mom", right?


  1. Loving that you have time to blog again :) I've missed you!! Can't wait for your post about your new bling!

  2. I am glad to be back! I caught up on your blog, I feel like I am in the know now! The story will be coming soon, I look forward to sitting down to write it.