Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Undercover Princess

For five days in April, the opportunity arose for me to take my first grown-up vacation!  My boyfriend, Jered was going to Orlando for a work conference.  I figured tagging along with him was a great idea!   Disney World is something I have always wanted to see for myself.

We packed up and headed for the airport in the wee hours of the morning, early enough Krispy Kreme was not even open.  We had a flight into Memphis Tennessee with enough time to grab some Starbucks before we hopped on our next flight to Orlando.  When we made it to Orlando took a cab to the hotel where the conference was taking place.

These are the sweet tanks that my mom made for my Disney Vacation

I had a quick wardrobe change and headed for the Magic Kingdom.  This is the place I have dreamed about; a million thoughts were running through my head.  Was it going to live up to my imagination?  Would it be weird for a 23-year-old girl to be at Disney World by herself?  Is it socially acceptable for me to be freaking out with excitement?

Seriously, if you know me at all—you know that I have always joked calling myself a “real life Disney Princess”.  I was going to dominate Disney and not hold anything back.  Jered referred to it as “tiny human rage”.  Acting like a tiny human diva is basically what I did and it seemed perfectly fine.

I spent the entire first day at the Magic Kingdom and had a blast!  The first thing I did was walk to Cinderella’s Castle, where I stood there in awe!  How could something be so magical and just like the movies?  After I got over the initial shock of it all, I went straight for the rides.

While standing in line for a ride, a dad looked at me and said, “You look just like Snow White.”

I replied, “Why thank you that is the ultimate compliment!”

After this exchange of words, a line of tiny humans dressed as princesses formed to take pictures with me.  They referred to me as an undercover princess in normal clothes.  I would hate to be that parent that has to explain to them in about ten years from now when the little girl asks why she has her picture taken with some random stranger.  Makes for a good story, at least, I loved every second of it.

I felt like Woody was pointing straight at me during the afternoon Pump It Up parade!

Later that evening, Jered came to the Magic Kingdom.  We had dinner and walked around the Magic Kingdom.  A mom from the Snow White incident ran into me and said, “Hello there Snow White, good to see you again!”

I just had to get my picture taken in front of the castle!

At this point, Jered realized that I was not elaborating about being mistaken for a princess, he couldn’t keep it together—all he could do was laugh. Later that night we patiently waited to see the magical parade of lights and it was amazing!  Dealing with the crowd was not so great, but we managed.  Disney is the place to be, I am so impressed with how perfect that place is!  I look forward to telling you more about my trip!


  1. LOVE that you were mistaken for a princess! :) And love your blog. I'm thinking about starting one too! Any advice? :)

  2. Oh I think that you should! I have loved having one; I use it as my creative outlet to the world. I think it is important to update as much as you can—ideally every day. We all know that is sometimes unrealistic with the busy grown up lives that we live. Just be yourself and have fun, that is what matters.