Sunday, February 12, 2012

Infect Someone With Kindness

I love talking to strangers at the coffee shop. Maybe it's my smile or friendly appearance, I am not sure what it is but I always end up talking to random people. It just puts a smile on your face... Today, it was a little girl in her Sunday's best. I told her that she looked so pretty today. She ended up hugging me, my heart melted a little.


I came across this and it really put a few things into perspective . Random acts of kindness make the world go round. It restores your faith back to the human population.

My family always reminded me how to deal with enemies growing up; it as simple as this, kill them with kindness. I know we should be able to be friends with everyone, but we all know that this isn't the case. It's human nature...


  1. LOVE THIS! I'm glad you're enjoying this devotional! :-)

  2. Such a great recommendation from you! I am so glad I purchased it!

  3. Thanks Megan! It is just a friendly reminder that kindness never goes out of style.

  4. My dear,
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    I'd like to invite you to follow mine as well. I’d be very pleased.
    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often

  5. What devotional is this? It looks very good. Thanks.

  6. Be Still... And Let Your Nail Polish Dry. By Andrea Boeshaar, Sandra D. Bricker, Loree Lough, and Debby Mayne. It's an amazing devotional, I carry it in my purse.