Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Things: Gianni Bini

It has been a wild week, talk about hectic.  This week has given a whole new meaning to TGIF!  Today I am going to show you some wonderful shoes.  The brand I am focusing on today is Gianni Bini.  In Oklahoma Dillard’s is about as fancy as you get in rural malls.  Living in Shawnee, I go there frequently to see what has come in, added to the sale, and what is on clearance.  Working in retail during undergrad, I think things rubbed off on me permanently.  Working retail, you know that new things are constantly coming in and changing.  I like to be in the know—like many of you.

This navy and white polka dot sling back peep toe wedge are so fun! It has a very youthful feel to it.  I want to snatch them up right now so I have them to wear with my crisp white crop pants or a white linen skirt.  Hello, spring and summer time!

Here is a fun flat option, the red and white stripes with a bow that is bedazzled!  Is there anything better than a flat—it’s comfortable, casual, and adds a great pop of color.  This is for all of you who need a break from the heels on the weekend.

This next wedge had me at orange paten shine!  Look at the scalloped lace orange detail on the cork wedge.  These could have a lot of practical uses for any orange/coral lover out there.  I see it being the springs go to color.  (Please note that I am no fashion expect—just fashion enthusiast)

Every girl needs a pair of red high heels.  Furthermore, I think it’s a good idea to have a spring/summer and a fall/winter option.  This heel to me screams nautical fun.  The wooden heel is a great added bonus, I love that look.  Just imagine all of the sundresses belted with a brown belt and these heels—total show stopper from casual to dressy

There are no words for this other than funky!  I am having a love hate relationship this wedge.  It could go tacky in a hurry if not done right.  However, it goes with about any color in your closet.  Such a party in a shoe!


  1. Holy Chicago, Batman. I want that last shoe. And somewhere to where it. And a handsome boy to stand beside me when I wear it.

    Could you take care of that for me? Possibly someone who looks like Channing Tatum.. and Ryan Gosling?

  2. I think that we should find these gems tomorrow and try them on! Umm let me facebook creep and see who looks the most like them. With that said, I feel like our options are a little limited…

    We could throw our own fabulous party for a reason to wear them!

  3. It's a good motto! I kind of want to hang it in my closet above my shoes. Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I am LOVING those orange patent wedges! Anything that helps my midget height get a little taller is all good in my book! How cute would they be with a sundress and blazer?? Love!

  5. Oh man that would be to die for; I am obsessing over blazers and sundresses right now. I feel your pain; I enjoy a heel for the height. It makes me feel tall like the rest of the world lol.