Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Order Up

Memorial weekend is over, so that means summer is in full swing.  I hope everyone had time to enjoy themselves and the beautiful weather.  I am very excited that it’s summer, by far my favorite time of the year.  Everyone get out your oversized sunglasses and sundresses because summer is finally here!

The wedding shower tulip bouquet was a success, I did exactly what they wanted and it turned out pretty cute.  The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were moist and delicious, exactly what I was looking for.  Mark that off of the to-do list!  I know it is not perfect, but I think it is a good start.  Thank you to all of my friends who gave me their valuable input, I could not have done it without you;  I really appreciate!

Today I have been doing some research and I think I have read enough now that I can start trying out cake pops.  I am addicted to the birthday cake ones at Starbucks.  Who knows, maybe I can make some tasty ones myself.  Plus, these are a lot easier to ship to all of my friends!


  1. Hey, I reconize that table! All the ladies thought is was darling!! And they ate all the cupcakes with none left over for yours truely!!! GOOD JOB!

  2. I am sorry you didn't get a cupcake! However I am so glad they liked the display and the cupcakes, that makes me so happy!