Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ranchers Club’s In Stillwater

Do you like steak?  Do you have a sweet tooth?  Well, we should be friends because I do too!  This weekend a lot of good food was consumed. Taking some off time from the social scene never hurt anyone, it did me some good.  I blame it on my small business management class-I had a huge project due today and that consumed most of my time. It is now dead week and I have some free time!  It's time to celebrate and I plan on doing so; especially since this is my last dead week of my college career.

Friday night I went to dinner with my adeepi family, however, we were missing one g little, Lynna.  Ranchers Club was the dining location.  We had the most wonderful dinner and ate like Kings, well I guess Queens.  We ate like the little Queen B's that we are.  I will let you just look at the pictures. (I am sorry if you hate pictures...but I think it makes reading more fun).  It's like reading a little kids book again; one of my personal favorites--Rainbow Fish, just so you know.


Please take not that this t-bone is almost as big as my face, medium rare--one word=perfection. And don't  kid yourself, I ate the whole thing.


Then we decided to order a dessert for the whole table, in addition to what we already had.  It was a wonderful apple thing with ice cream on top.  It was like a funnel cake almost....well minus the powder sugar.

Kayla, Kristin, and Ciara had this one, it's a dark chocolate goodness!  It was so rich that portion was just enough

I decided to be different (imagine that) This was mine, all MINE! It started off with milk chocolate, then to peanut butter, then the a dark chocolate.  Then how could you forget the dark chocolate edible art?  What is not to love about this whole situation.  Sheer bliss!

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