Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Abacus In Dallas

Last week was a blur to me, it might have been the busiest I have ever been with school.  Three tests the week after homecoming and during my birthday week, not the best life choice for anyone, including me.  I survived and made it to Friday and really that is all that matters.  I am sorry for my lack of blogging...I promise not to do that again.  I just know that you missed reading my witty little outlooks on life.

This weekend was filled with first.  Friday I had my first massage, it was a thoughtful gift from a special someone.  It is nice to be pampered and also appreciated.  That is something I always wanted to do for myself, it just always has gotten overlooked.  Well after my 1-hour heavenly massage experience I have decided to become  regular.  I think that is something that everyone should have the chance to experience, just saying.  Then it was off for a birthday weekend celebration!  It started off with a night in, crab legs and shrimp were prepared just for me (only one of my all time favorites).  Needless to say, I was impressed.  Next it was off to Dallas for my super secret birthday weekend, I really did not have a clue what was planned or what was going on.  When we arrived I checked into the spa that was awaiting my arrival.  That's when the magic started to happen, I had: my first facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. Only one word can use to describe this wonderful situation: delightful I felt like a completely different person after it was all said and done.  *Note to self: anyone getting a deep tissue massage, drink lots of water before and after.  Learn from my mistake...because I have been sore for the past couple of days.

To wrap up my day of bliss, we ended at Abacus to have dinner.  This may be the best dining experience I have ever had in my twenty-two years of existence.  At one point "I literally might lick my plate" was stated.   If you live in the Dallas area or planning on visiting there anytime soon, you must put this on your to-do list.  You will not be sorry you did, trust me.  I will just let the pictures do the talking.  I felt as if I needed a wheelchair to get me out of the restaurant after the dining experience was concluded.  I could not move...I was in a food coma and it was totally worth it.

Sunday was filled with shopping and other goodies!  We mad a special stop at The Cupcakery!  I was pretty darn excited about this because let's be honest, I want to have a cupcake shop so bad I can hardly stand it!  This place was fantastic, I am a huge fan.  Everything about them was great, the texture,  color, flavor, and venue.  There was not more that I could really ask for.  Speaking of cupcakes, I also made a stop at Juicy Couture and snatched up a cupcake necklace that I have had my eye on for quite some time.  I have worn it every day since.  "When I look at your cupcake necklace, it is like I am looking at your soul."  That is just a sample of what people have been saying when they see it.

O.P.I nail polish can give you a completely different outlook on life.  Okay...that might be a little over dramatic, but not really if you are a girl you understand.   I went to the salon on Friday morning/afternoon right when I was checking out the newest O.P.I collection was sitting on the counter.  The Burlesque Holiday Collection is absolutely wonderful, it was love at first sight.  I ended up picking up two bottles, "The Show Must Go On" and "Let Me Entertain You."  Another thing I love about O.P.I. their clever names they come up with.  The lady giving me my manicure and pedicure wanted to buy this polish from me.  I held out, I couldn't give this nail polish up!  It was like it was made for me.  I have come to the conclusion that it is "like Dorthy shoes on my fingertips."  It's basically like instant happiness every time I look down and see my hands and feet.  It really is the small things in life that give you  joy.

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