Monday, November 22, 2010

Food Network Magazine

There seems to be a magazine for everything that you could ever want/need/desire.  If you think of a good idea, there is probably already a magazine about it.  Although, maybe it is just a girl thing.  I am sure that girls are the target audience for most magazines...except a few that I know of.


As we all know, I am a food junkie.  Today, when I was in the store one caught my eye and I had to pick it up!  It's kind of fitting seeing how yesterday I was raving about gingerbread cookies.  I am pretty sure if I was a gingerbread lady, I would be wearing that exact outfit.  She is glamorous in a gingerbread lady kind of way.

 How wonderful is that?  Doesn't that just make your eyes open wide with the joy of Christmas?  I know just looking at that makes me feel like a little girl again!  It really was just what I needed!  Sometimes it really is the small things in life that bring you the most joy.

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