Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am Lindsey, Your Tour Guide

Yesterday was one of the most incredible days I have ever had!  From time to time I talk about moving away from Oklahoma, but after yesterday, I don’t know how I could want to do that for too long.

Personal Disclaimer: My camera battery is dead, and my charger is in Stillwater, so I have no pictures of this exciting day, I was very upset!

My day was off to an early start; I had to be in Tulsa by 7:20 a.m.  The only positive of being there that early, I had a doughnut with sprinkles (my favorite).  Then we loaded on the bus.  We had over 50 people going on the tour to Bartlesville.  We made a few stops, but my favorite was Woolaroc.  There is just so much history there.  I love all of the Native American things there; I find something new every time I visit.  This time, it was all of the information about the 101 Ranch.  I was just amazed at every single detail.  I think everyone should have to opportunity to see that magnificent collection that Woolaroc has to offer.

Next, it was off to discoveryland for a fabulous evening of entertainment.  The food was fantastic, and so were the people.  I happened to come across the cutest cowboy ever.  He came up and talked to me before the show and then proceeded to wink at me throughout the performance.  Then, he came off stage and asked me to dance, and he pulled me out of my chair and danced with me.  My heart melted a little. After the show was over; I never heard the end of it.  Everyone was giving me such a hard time about it; I was blushing.

The two boys on the right side were the flirtatious cowboys.

I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the nation and everyone that I came across loved Oklahoma.  No one gives this place enough credit; it is a great place.  A lot of them said that they are going to bring their family and come back here for a vacation.  I think I had the biggest smile on my face at that point.

My favorite people were from Kentucky; they were just darling.  They all wanted to take me home with them.  I told them that my family might not like that too much.  However, I am looking into graduate school there; it sparked an interest.

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