Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fiji Travel Tips

Fiji Travel Tips

This past May, my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Time is just flying by; I can hardly believe it! Each year to celebrate, we try and take a trip together somewhere tropical. Can you tell both of our love languages is quality time? When December rolls around, we start planning our beach getaway. Honestly, I never would have dreamed that we could afford to visit Fiji. After doing research and looking into other options, it was a great fit for us this year.

We live in somewhat of the middle of the country. We almost always fly out of Dallas instead of Oklahoma City. By doing this, we save a few hundred dollars and get a mini road trip out of the deal. From Dallas, we flew to Los Angeles and had a seven-hour layover. We decided to stay at the airport instead of renting a car and exploring. If you plan on staying at the airport, I would highly recommend purchasing a day pass to an airport lounge. During our layover we ate dinner, shopped, charged our phones, and visited a wine bar. From LAX to Fiji is an approximately 11.5-hour flight. Before our trip, I broke into a nervous sweat just thinking about sitting still that long. I had never been on an airplane longer than six hours before. Looking back, I can say the flight was not that bad. I took some ZzzQuil thirty minutes into the flight, put on my neck pillow, and took a nice long nap.

If you are thinking about visiting Fiji anytime soon, I have a few tips for you to keep in mind. We traveled to Denarau Island and stayed at The Westin Resort & Spa.

The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa, Fiji

Fiji Travel Tips

Purchase a power adapter
Before you leave, visit Amazon and order this universal 2 in 1 plug adapter. We didn't even think to order one before our trip. Thankfully we were able to find one at our resort. You can save a little cash by ordering it ahead of time.

Review the dress code
If you are planning on visiting different dining establishments on the resort, make sure to check the dress code. While you are at it, make reservations if you have a special occasion dinner in mind. You will be able to pack according and dine with confidence.

Ask for early check in / late check out
Depending on your arrival and departure time, you might consider talking to the hotel when you are booking your rooms. We arrived at 6:30 a.m. Fiji time and asked for an early check-in, but we were not able to get into our room until 2:30 p.m. You will find that different hotels and resorts have different policies for arrivals and departures. This is why it is so important to have items in your carry-on bag to keep you entertained.

If you have to wait for your room, ask for a shower or breakfast
If you arrive early and are not able to check into your room, don't be afraid to ask for breakfast or a shower. The Westin was able to let my husband and I both shower at the gym facilities. After traveling for 30+ hours, all I wanted was a hot shower. It was an instant mood booster! I had a fresh change of clothes, sunscreen, and swimsuit in my bag. We were ready to lay out by the pool as we waited for our room. The hotel staff also provided us with free breakfast, even though we had breakfast on the plane. Even if you are not hungry, you could always use a cup of coffee or champagne, am I right?

Get the goods
The Westin and Sheraton have gift shops with snacks, water, sunscreen, and trinkets. During our stay at The Westin, we received two Fiji water bottles daily in our room at no additional charge. You can take them to the beach or dinner with you. I would recommend taking the Bula Bus into the port and stocking up on snacks and water. You will score some savings by doing that, and it gives you a chance to explore some additional shops and restaurants.

Creep on TripAdvisor 
If you are interested in doing an excursion during your trip to Fiji, you should take a look at TripAdvisor. I seek out the TripAdvisor "Certificate of Excellence" recipients. Most generally, the reviews are sorted with the most recent appearing first. You can get an understanding of what to expect for your excursion, what you need to bring (if anything), the price, and view photos from other users.

If you are a planner, arrange to visit your bank a few weeks in advance to order currency for your destination. Your bank can typically order currency for you cheaper than what you would pay at an exchange counter in the airport. If you find yourself in a pinch for time, you can visit a currency exchange station in your departing or arrival airport. You will need enough cash for a taxi, tips, and trinkets. If you stay at The Westin or Sheraton, almost everything can be credited to your room. You can take care of all of the additional charges when you check out which saves on international exchange fees.

I hope that you find these tips helpful for planning your next trip, even if it's not to Fiji. Keep your eyes peeled for another post about things to do in Denarau Island North!Location

What's your best travel tip? Share yours in the comments!

*Please note that I received #ZzzQuil for testing purposes via Influenster.


  1. I'm totally jealous! I've had a long standing love affair with the idea of an extra long vaca Fiji. Its at the tippy top of my travel wish list, and I WILL be making it happen sometime in the next 3 years :) I can't wait to read more about your trip!

    1. Jennifer,
      I highly recommend visiting Fiji! It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. I look at my pictures from my trip frequently when I am feeling a little stressed!

  2. This sounds amazing! I'm putting Fiji on my list of places to go.

    1. I think that everyone should visit! It's a long flight but in the end, it's 100% worth it!