Monday, June 20, 2016

10 Signs You Found Your Dream Wedding Dress

I love attending weddings! Why? Because you get to celebrate two people falling in love and committing their lives to one another, that's such a magical thing to witness. My second favorite thing about weddings? Each individual wedding dress! I love how each bride finds a dress that fits their exact style.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be extremely stressful! Picking out my wedding dress was my favorite part of wedding planning. But that's a different story for another time. Today I am talking about how to know when you have found the one!

10 Signs You Found Your Dream Wedding Dress

1. When you turn around, you are shocked

Most wedding dress fitting rooms have floor-length mirrors, that way you can see the bigger picture and the minor details. The moment you turn around with your dream dress on, you will be in shock with how beautiful you look and feel.

2. You can't wait to see everyone's reaction

You are giddy with excitement to walk out of the fitting room and show your friends and family this dress. You can't help but smile and feel like an actual bride-to-be!

3. You are living in a daydream

Once you walk onto the bridal floor, everyone is gushing about your "bridal glow" and the features of the dress. You, on the other hand, are in a daydream. You imagine yourself on your big day in your chic dress.

4. You wonder how your significant other will feel about the dress

You are standing on the bridal floor examining every detail under the lighting. In the back of your mind, you can't help but wonder what your significant other will think about this dress.

5. Someone in the bridal party tears up

You may or may not have that moment where you cry tears of joy. However, someone in your shopping entourage will just be overwhelmed with emotions. It's such a special moment when they realize that you a) found your dream dress and b) that you are getting married. Heck, sometimes this happens before the bride admits she is saying yes to the dress!

6. You start thinking about accessories

Your mind starts to wonder about what to pair with this dress. Does it need a necklace? What earring style would I wear? Does this dress need a veil? If so, what length?

7. You can't imagine yourself walking down the aisle in anything else

Every other dress you have tried on is not even close. How can you compete with perfection? The other dresses are running together and becoming a blur because you are soaking up every detail about your dream dress!

8. You are so happy about this dress; no one else opinions matter

You might have someone attending your bridal appointment that doesn't agree with your style or taste. And that's okay; you invited that person for a reason. When you are soaking up your moment in the sun, you don't even care what that person thinks. You are on cloud nine, one person's disagreement is not going to bring you down.

9. You do not want to take the dress off

You find ways to keep the dress on longer. You try one jewelry, the search for the veil that compliments the dress, you twirl around or drop it low to see what it feels like on the dance floor--you get the idea. If you have gone and tried another dress on, you reach back for the perfect dress, validating your decision.

10.  You feel comfortable and confident

The thing that matters most is how the dress makes you feel. Your dress should make you feel comfortable and confident. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess! Soon you will be standing in front of your family and friends holding hands with your person confessing your love to all! You might as well look good while doing!

Have you found your dress? Let's hear how you know it was the one!

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