Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Big Flavor in NOLA

When it comes to a mini vacation, I love scoping out local places and the token tourist destinations. When we found out at Oklahoma State University made it to the Sugar Bowl, it was a no-brainer that we were making the trip to cheer on the cowboys! I took to Instagram to get recommendations for dining while in New Orleans, shoutout to all of the top-notch suggestions. I want to share with you a few of my favorite dishes I had during my recent trip.

The Best Drink

Arnaud's is located in the heart of the French Quarter and the bar is named after a signature cocktail, the French 75. This is where Jered and I rang in 2016, we had a romantic four-course dinner that started with a French 75. They were so good, I had another before my main dish. Weeks later I find myself dreaming of this cocktail. Too bad I don't know the secret recipe! If the marriage of champagne and lemon makes your mouth water, this is your drink.

The Tourist Trap

I have now visited New Orleans twice and each time I stop at Café Du Monde. I know that there are better breakfasts in the city. Trust me, I have had a few of them. It's hard to beat hot out of the deep-fryer beignets and all of their glory! If you want to pig out, get an extra order for you to share. Time for a truth, I am not a fan of plain black coffee. I take a couple of teaspoons of the extra powdered sugar and stir it into my coffee. I know, I am such a sissy! #NoShame

The Best Brunch

When you walk into Brennan's you want to take in every single detail. The way this restaurant is decorated is something that you don't see every day. I am all about the details, both big and small. You know what else love? The classics! When you find something you like, stick to it. That's my motto with brunch. I have a confession, I am obsessed with Artisanal Eggs Benedict and this one was a grand slam! The Brennan's brunch experience is one you will not forget.

The Best Dessert

This dessert has a special place in my heart. The night before Jered proposed to me in Orlando, we had dinner at Emeril's. One of his favorite desserts is banana cream pie. Truth be told, I have bananas with a passion (not a fan of mushy textures). Before we even got the dinner menu that night at Emeril's New Orleans, Jered told me we are getting dessert so save room! This pie is beautiful, like how doesn't it have it's own Instagram account? Not to mention it's delicious, even if you don't love bananas. 

Let's just say after this trip I needed clothing with elastic waistbands only. I look forward to our next trip to New Orleans until then I will be dreaming about shrimp, grits, oysters and the bold flavors that make this place so wonderful. What's your favorite NOLA dish?

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