Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear Britney Spears

Here is the deal; I have been a fan of Brit Brit since way back when.  Even when she shaved her head and went crazy, I still stood beside her like a loyal fan.  To me, she can do no wrong.  So last night, I was watching E! News and they had a short interview with her.  I learned more about my favorite pop princess.

  1. She does not drink (Good for you Brit!)
  2. She does not gamble (Me neither…too scary)
  3. She would rather buy shoes instead (Ummmmm….Are we twins separated at birth?)
  4. How does she celebrate?  Simply put, miss B likes to go shopping at Nordstrom (Girl I love you even more)
  5. Ohh and she loves pizza

Dear Britney,

I think you are amazing!  Anytime you want to go shopping at Nordstrom when you are in the south, girl you just let me know and I will be there!  We will find the perfect pair of new shoes (or maybe just a “few”).  From all of that shopping we will have worked up an appetite.  I will find us the perfect place to eat and we can have a dance party in the car on the way there.  We will arrive at the best pizza joint and chow down on some pizza.


  1. Can I come too? Miss you lovely!

  2. Uh yeah, that would be a blast! Miss you too Charlie!