Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tops & Bottoms

I am a believer in knowing where your food comes from. Agricultural literacy is something that we should spread around, share your story! I am a shopper/supporter of Whole Foods Market but also local farmers markets.


We could all learn a lot just by reading this children's book "Tops and Bottoms". I have been teaching Jr. Master Gardeners curriculum over the past few weeks to a summer school class. In one lesson we read the book, along with discussion, ended with a game. It's a great feeling that I can show kids where their food comes from in a fun way!

This weekend I stopped by my local farmers market after a morning run for coffee and breakfast. Equipped with no shopping list or agenda. My task at hand, see what they had to offer and speak with producers.  After a couple conversations, I walked away with a few ears of sweet corn and a bunch of blackberries.

I just like the feeling that "you" are supporting agriculture in your community and that "you" are making a difference.

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