Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life in Full Bloom

We are constantly reminded how precious life is and how quickly that loved ones can leave our lives.  There is one thing that we can rest assure, God has a plan and he alone can give us peace.  Yesterday my family and I said goodbye to a woman who had impacted our lives in more way than one.  It truly was a celebration of life.  Moments like this make you take a step back and really look at life with a more simplistic approach.  For the first time in a long while, I took the time to notice things for truly what they are not what I perceive them to be.

Look how beautiful this tree is, full blooming right in my yard at home  in Pawhuska.

Last week was really a blur—the Pottawatomie County Jr. Livestock Show has come and gone.  I think it went over really well.  Both the quality of youth and livestock blew me away, I had no idea truly what kind of great things are happening right here in this county.  I feel blessed to call this place home.

This is my favorite picture that was captured during the stock show.  Just look at these girls patiently waiting to take their heifer into the show ring and show the judge their project.