Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Charming

Being around tiny humans on a normal basis and an owner of an iPhone; it is very important that I have a case for my phone.  Let’s be honest, our phones are sometimes more important than our best friend or man friend (no one takes offense to this please, hear me out).   For crying out loud, we spend almost every waking moment with them: checking out Twitter seeing what is happening in the world, posting a pin on Pinterest of your dream wedding, or just Facebook creeping on someone who just uploaded a photo album with an interesting name.  However you choose you to use your phone is up to you.  My personal fixation: social media overload.

Today my new phone cover finally came in and I absolutely love it!  Hunting for the perfect phone cover can take a while.  It is an accessory and something we have with us all the time.  For all, we know it could be someone's first impression of us.  Maybe I am looking to deep into the whole matter, but that is just my nature.  We will see how long this one lasts before it gets broken by me or a tiny human.

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