Friday, August 12, 2011

First Monday At My New Job

Monday I begin my big girl job and I couldn’t be more excited.  For those of you who have been around Cooperative Extension, you know nothing says Extension Educator like two things: attending conferences and having a phone glued to you at all times.  My phone has been blowing up the past few days with warm welcomes for all kinds of people.  It makes me happy to see everyone’s excitement.   What do you know, my first two days on the job I will be sitting at an in service and I am the only one from my office attending.  Exciting stuff, right?

I am trying to think of things that I need in my office for decoration.  The obvious ones being: my diploma framed, my Ag Leadership coffee cup, OSU gear, and well…that’s all I can think of.  I really have no idea what direction to take with this.  For all of you with big kid jobs, what are your favorite things in your office?   I do welcome any and all: fresh flower arrangements, chocolates, stamps, and stickers….etc.  I just keep thinking back to how Dr. Weeks had a couch in her office, it made it really inviting to visitors.  I want people to come hang out with me in my office.  We all know I like to talk…yeah.

This little work of art is on my wish list!  I think it is adorable and would fit perfectly in my office!

Today is the last day of Jered’s internship in Tulsa!  This weekend we will be celebrating him being complete with his internship and the beginning of my new job.  I think that a very exciting weekend is upon us!


  1. Lindsey! Congrats on your new job! :) You are going to be great! It is so exciting and so busy... and you will develop a love/hate relationship with conferences and in-services! haha But, it is nice to hang out with friends and get out of the office for a little while! We are moving into a new office in the next month so I have been looking at a lot of ideas for office decorations! Right now, mine is of course Black, White and Orange with a lot of pigs and pictures of my dog, of course! But, when we move I am going to re-upholster two old chairs with black and white leopard print and black velvet, but havent decided if I am going to go with green or stick with the black and white! Let me know what you decided! I love that Oklahoma picture you posted! That is super cute! Welcome to extension! :)

  2. Awww Brenna!
    You are so sweet! Thank you very much, I appreciate it very much. I am thinking staying the traditional route: orange, black, white with Kelly green. I really would like to incorporate some of my own style preferences, but we will see how that goes. You know how to reupholster chairs? That is fantastic, what a skill to have! Ps-I think your new office looks great, very cowboy chic!

  3. Ok so I went the green direction. Most everything in my office is green! I have brown accents! I think the orange and black would be great! Do u like polka dots or stripes or zebra? Just think of what you like and go with it!

  4. Thank you Cathleen for the hints!I love polka dots and stripes! I have my thinking cap on!