Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet Treats

Growing up in Pawhuska there were not many choices on places to eat or shopping.  It seems like every weekend my family would pack up and go to Tulsa or Bartlesville to have lunch accompanied with some shopping.  One of my all time favorite places, past and present is Merritt's Bakery.  When I was little we would meet my Aunt Lisa there to get an afternoon snack and it was a great pick me up!  Then on holidays, she would also bring a box of cookies and sweet treats for us to enjoy.

How perfect is this cake?  What a cute little lion, perfect for a safari or Alpha Delta Pi party!

Well now that I am somewhat of a grown up not much has changed.  I still look forward to Saturday!  Why? Because I get a Merritt's Bakery treat for breakfast accompanied with Starbucks coffee!  There is no better way to get your weekend started.  This is the time were Jered and I get to catch up with one another. I get to hear about his week at the Law firm and I inform him on my job searching/life happenings.  It might seem simple and silly but sometimes you need moments where you slow down for a moment and really enjoy each other’s company.

Take some time to make a visit to your favorite place this weekend!  Who knows you might start a new tradition!


  1. Love those treats. I love Pinterest - I am It is amazing. I got a bunch of my turquoise Thursday ideas from there.

  2. They were delicious, not a really healthy breakfast but that is a-okay with me! I was wondering if you got them from Pinterest! That is a fun idea!