Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Fridays We Wear Orange

It’s Friday!  Hip-hip Horary!  At Oklahoma State, there is a thing called Orange Fridays; it gets everyone in the spirit for game day.  Personally, this is a day that I like because a large section of my closet is devoted to this wonderful color.  I know that orange is not the most fashion forward color but come on people!  It just makes me sad when I see people who are not wearing orange or even worse, someone wearing an OU shirt.  Like really, do you have any pride?  Just put on an orange shirt, is that too much to ask?
Picture from last year's OSU vs. Baylor game.  This is Myriah, she is my Gbig!  She is awesome!

The other thing I really like about orange Friday, it is something that people continue to do even after they graduate.  Here are some of my OK state alumni friend’s tweets about orange Friday!

@myriahjohnson: It's orange Friday in Aggieland! Go Pokes!! #okstate

@chadcline: Rocked the #OKState orange this Friday in Aggieland. #TAMU. Like @jereddavidson did at OU Law today. Great minds think alike!

This week has drained all of my energy and I have no ambition to do anything tonight.  I might turn into a hermit crab and not leave my apartment all evening…and you know what?  I am perfectly okay with that at this point.  I have a feeling that ice cream and brownies will be involved at some point tonight.

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