Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poster Child

On the way to Dr. Week's office, I get off of the elevator and in a glass case the AGLE interns bio's are up.  I am famous, well at least on the 4th floor of Ag hall.  It is not my most flattering picture, but hey I’ll go with it.  Feel free to ask for an autograph at any time.

Let me just say that I am thankful that Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Weeks are my good friends.  After a cup of coffee, a long talk, the three of us managed to make something work!  I am now in fifteen hours and I am still able to graduate in December!

It is Friday; the first/last week of college is down in the books as a win.  The score: Lindsey-1 Class-0.  I am sure this will continue to change as the semester progresses.  As for now, I am in the lead and going to try to keep it that way.

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